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Care Services Questions

Do you provide transportation to doctors’ appointments?

Yes within 10 miles.

Incontinence supplies are provided at a monthly rate.

Yes the care team is happy to help residents get to and from the dining room, activities, the salon, etc.

Do you have nurses on staff?


We can accommodate 101 residents.

Yes! We have a therapy gym and we have two therapy providers. Medicare part A (Bayada) and a Medicare part B (Reliant). Typically when someone moves in we have the Medicare Part A provider assess the resident and treat if needed. This is helpful to get a resident familiar with their apartment and the community and gain confidence in their new surroundings. Medicare part B provider will assess and treat a resident if they have had a decline or if they need strength training in an area. Medicare will usually cover services, sometimes there is a co-pay for the Part B service depending on the insurance the resident has.

We have a Nurse Practitioner that comes in weekly, we also have a Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Podiatrist, and Optometrist.

Other Community Questions

Are overnight guests allowed?

Yes, on a short term basis.


Monthly calendar and daily schedule on LifeLoop. The team will invite residents to activities if they have not seen the calendar or LifeLoop schedule.


Yes! As a resident at Tuckerman Terraces, you can bring a pet at your will. The pets will live with the resident in the apartment, not around the community. It is important to make residents can take care of the pets themselves.

Is Housekeeping offered?




Yes, the concierge is at the desk from 8am-8pm. Before or after hours, guests will need to need a team member to gain access to the building.

Yes! We have outings at least weekly. We will typically do an errand run outing where we go to the bank, drug stores, dollar store, Walmart or Acme. We will also go to lunch, ball games, museum’s, Barnegat Light House, and aquarium’s. Our residents can come and go as they please, they are usually accompanied by a family member or friend but if they are independent and able they can go by themselves.

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